That Time I Cuddled An Elephant

That Time I Cuddled An Elephant I could sit and watch elephant all day every day. Their intelligence and beauty never ceases to amaze me. Living in Botswana I am privileged to live amongst Africa’s largest population of Elephant. I fall asleep to the sounds of... read more

Cango Ostrich Farm: Oudtshoorn

Cango Ostrich Farm: Outshoorn Oudtshoorn in the Western Cape of South Africa was once the world’s leading exporters of ostrich feathers in the early 1800’s. Due to the arid and dry climate of Oudtshoorn and the surrounding region known at the Klein Karoo,... read more

Cheap Souvenirs For The Broke Traveller

Cheap Souvenirs For The Broke Traveller Let’s start by saying I am all about budget travel. Whenever I can get more for less I am chuffed. After years of collecting who knows how many pointless snow globes and other trivial items, I knew a change was needed.... read more

Re-Watching Eat Pray Love

Re-Watching Eat Pray Love It was a normal sunny day here in Botswana. I was sitting down on the coach like most days scrolling through the channels on the TV when DSTV advised Eat Pray Love was about to begin. Now I, as many travellers, love this movie for numerous... read more

Southern Africa: Part 1

Southern Africa: Part 1 Words can not describe how amazing our MONTH long holiday through Southern Africa was! Half a year of planning, saving and re-planning all paid off when we got in our beloved Dodge and did not look back. It was a holiday packed full of... read more

Gauteng Lion Park

As we neared the Lion Park my excitement grew to boiling point. No matter how long you spend in the presence of these magnificent mammals, it is never long enough. My anticipation was building by the second! We rolled through the gates on a miserable rainy afternoon.... read more

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I am an Aussie turned Motswana expat named Grace. I am living out my Peter Pan fantasies by travelling the world one country at a time. Welcome to my space where I aim to share my passion, love and never ending wanderlust with you here on Australian Abroad. 

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